I've been meaning to post about this for a while as last week I went to pick up the work I did on a short course at Camberwell art college. I'd saved the pennies and decided, as I didn't do anywhere near as much printmaking at university as I'd have liked to, I'd give it a go! I did the 'Introduction to Printmaking', as although I'd done a tiny bit of etching in my first year I'd always wanted a go at litho and had no idea where to start. Brian Hodgson tutored a group of 7 of us (check his work it's incredible) and I already want to go back and do it again as there's SO much more I want to do. Guess I might have to go back to art school..

First day Mono printing..literally no idea what i was doing so picked the brightest colour possible to show that!

I think the accidental marks I made in litho helped this image a lot..

Three stages of my etching plate. Quite a lot of foul biting but I was assured that it 'helped' the fox. Still not sure though!

Lino with a colour fade.

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Jack Hughes said...

Frances, that lion is superb!