Monoprint and a fresh start.


So, I recently left home and moved to the big smoke that is London. After two days of mild hysteria before moving I eventually made it down here with 2 suitcases and a carrier bag to start a new job on a cosmetics counter, and MUCH more importantly, to start my MA :)

I've been studying at Camberwell for about 6 weeks and I can honestly say that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days of the week! I've never had so much fun with drawing. There's very little pressure (other than what I put myself under, obviously), the people are lovely, and although the briefs are challenging I feel like I'm actually learning something. And as I'm studying part time, I have almost a year before it all get's very serious: this means lots of time to play with printing, painting and general mess making!

The 3 mono prints were all done in a workshop with Chloe Cheese - the nature of mono printing meant that I had to work very quickly, which I didn't think I was good at... I think I'm going to force myself into it with my brushes!

(trying to paint as quickly as you have to mono print)

(and I think I'm thinking about Christmas a bit too much)


Drawing faces again


Arnold Circus - people interviewed on 'the Secret History of Our Streets', a BBC documentary.





for sale

for sale

I drew some deer out of a need to run away from computers for a little bit - they've received some lovely feedback and people have actually bought them! If you would like one for yourself, get in touch and I will do you your very own however you would like it.


An Invitation

I was very honoured that the beautiful and lovely Sophie Caldecott asked me to design her wedding invitations. Her fiance Greg proposed to her in the beautifully romantic Places des Vosges, so naturally this was the choice for the invite!

I tried to keep the feel of the image romantic and a bit fairy tale, as well as incorporating the colours of Sophies bouquet. i can't take credit for the text design or envelope, but it's all so lovely! Huge congratulations and best wishes to them both for the big day!


Sketchbook pt I

Some rough bits and pieces that might not make it any further than my sketchbook, but I quite like anyway. And some things I'm going to be working on a bit more yet..!



I've been meaning to post about this for a while as last week I went to pick up the work I did on a short course at Camberwell art college. I'd saved the pennies and decided, as I didn't do anywhere near as much printmaking at university as I'd have liked to, I'd give it a go! I did the 'Introduction to Printmaking', as although I'd done a tiny bit of etching in my first year I'd always wanted a go at litho and had no idea where to start. Brian Hodgson tutored a group of 7 of us (check his work it's incredible) and I already want to go back and do it again as there's SO much more I want to do. Guess I might have to go back to art school..

First day Mono printing..literally no idea what i was doing so picked the brightest colour possible to show that!

I think the accidental marks I made in litho helped this image a lot..

Three stages of my etching plate. Quite a lot of foul biting but I was assured that it 'helped' the fox. Still not sure though!

Lino with a colour fade.



A couple of photos of a little commission for a friend of a friend. She was quite specific with what she wanted, and I was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I hope she was happy with the result!



Playing about with my paints over last weekend, as I couldn't leave the house due to the snow.
Quite enjoyed painting these little fella's though.


Another Critter...

a commission for a Christmas present.
Lovely story surrounding this, a nice man asked me for a giraffe for his girlfriend for Christmas as they'd both seen my Kino Feuer stuff (below) - but she also emailed me to organise a 'surprise' present for him! I expect both were surprised! haha.