Screen printing...

Emma Shoard, Emi Hazlett and myself completed a set of bookmarks to send off to professionals we have been in touch with for a university project, as a sort of thank you.
This isn't my bookmark but a test on newsprint paper rather than the final image...


First attempt at a pattern...

This is my first EVER attempt at a pattern. Some may say that it might be a bit risky trying something new this close to the end of my degree...? I have 3 weeks left to get together my portfolio, and website, and degree show. Erm.


The End of the Line

A sideline project to my degree for the Reportage award - I did these drawings on location, looking at where trains go once all the passengers are gone.



I am in the process of reworking all of my projects from the whole of my third year at Kingston, which involves lots of trying out. Better things to come. Hope.



A little drawing I did over easter...


At peace.

Trying to remind myself how to draw (people). Take 1.