I was asked by the lovely Sophie Charara to do a piece of work for an exhibition that she was organising to showcase new and emerging talent. The theme was 'Common People' and I (very loosely!) based my work on different perceptions of culture in and around the London Underground. This meant a lot of researching of many different 'common climbing plants', in which I am definitely NOT an expert! I now know what nasturtiums look like, and quite a lot about various climbing weeds.

Big big thank you to Sophie and also gorgeous Sophie Caldecott - both write for Style and Then Some, definitely worth a gander!

Thanks to Bonnie Moriarty and Sophie Powell for being my support/drinking pals for the night xx


Kino Feuer

I received a package in the post last week from the lovely Jon Mills of Kino Feuer. I'd done a few drawings for him for merchandise, and he sent me some samples - so good to see my work as a product instead of just on the screen! Very happy with the outcome too, looking forward to working with him some more, really enjoyed doing this little job!

The bear tote bag - my critters are all available to buy.



A quick drawing from location in Bridlington. I wanted to escape Lincolnshire so travelled to Yorkshire on search of something a bit different...the Sea! But it was too cold on the beach and the tide was in (well planned, not thinking it was October...) So ended up sat in a very nice ice cream parlour and coffee house. It looks very unfinished but I'm sort of glad I was kicked out at 4.30pm, otherwise I would probably have done too much as usual!



A commission I've been working on for a while now for an up and coming (and very talented) musician, and really enjoying doing! Loving slopping ink about again, it makes a lovely change to sitting on a production line. I'm currently living at home again so I can save some money in order to move back to London in the new year... 
Finished items should be up soooon!



As I haven't posted anything on here in a while... a little drawing I did before the summer, and I only just found him again.
I am working on a commission for a lovely soon-to-be-famous musician at the moment, which I hope to post on here very soon!




Some quick drawings for a children's book that I started in my second year...time to revisit it and face my demons. Really enjoying it so far though, but maybe that's because I've not reached the hard bit?


Big Cat

Really missed drawing for the sake of it. 
So did a picture.


Sneaky peak...

a couple of roughly edited bits for my London degree show. Come along to the RED GALLERY SHOREDITCH, guaranteed Highs for your Eyes!


Peaceful Belligerence take 2...

These are a couple of pieces I reworked from the last year for the purpose of my degree show, it was really nice to work with a variety of colour for a change! Something I might tryyyy to continue... The first is presented as a wallpaper and the hands are 2 of a series of 6 icons to tie together different bits of my show.


Screen printing...

Emma Shoard, Emi Hazlett and myself completed a set of bookmarks to send off to professionals we have been in touch with for a university project, as a sort of thank you.
This isn't my bookmark but a test on newsprint paper rather than the final image...


First attempt at a pattern...

This is my first EVER attempt at a pattern. Some may say that it might be a bit risky trying something new this close to the end of my degree...? I have 3 weeks left to get together my portfolio, and website, and degree show. Erm.


The End of the Line

A sideline project to my degree for the Reportage award - I did these drawings on location, looking at where trains go once all the passengers are gone.



I am in the process of reworking all of my projects from the whole of my third year at Kingston, which involves lots of trying out. Better things to come. Hope.



A little drawing I did over easter...


At peace.

Trying to remind myself how to draw (people). Take 1.


I submitted this little drawing a while back for a Obsessions themed zine that some members of my class put together to try and raise some moneys for our degree show, and just found it again. The whole thing was screen printed in two colours, and looks lovely. Cats are obsessed with birds, and I am obsessed with both birds and cats, gettit.


3am Birthday Card

Ridiculous birthday card made for my flat mate Bonnies birthday... It kind of reminded us of her? Ha. Note to self, don't make birthday cards at 3am.


Brill Competition

These are just a few drawings from my entry to the Brill competition, an internally lead competition for reportage, which I was lucky enough to win alongside Nina Cosford. We both gained a commission from this, so I will hopefully post the actual work up here in the next few weeks! I might even start blogging regularly...

A 14th February doodle