Self Initiated Project..

The result of my final major project for uni - it took quite a dramatic turn in the last week, resulting in a huge installation type thing (the length of four A1 pieces of paper) with little model of a person - the idea being that the person was getting older with time.


San Francisco (and a bit of Berlin) Exhibition

A group of illustrators, graphic designers and film students once went on a trip to San Francisco....
We all had the opportunity to exhibit a piece of work that we did on the trip, or reflected our experience, at the Horse Hospital in Russell Square. The piece had to be a 7inch or 12 inch squared image (like a CD or vinyl sleeve - the exhibition had a kind of music theme..) and I submitted a slightly edited version of a drawing that I did on location whilst in SF.


These were some drawings I did whilst trying to come up with an idea for my final major project outcome - I was working with the concept 'the Perception of Time'. I'd looked at clocks, how time was measured over the centuries, how people coped with time, time in nature, cycles and rebirth....a lot of Time related thoughts, which was beginning to get very philosophical and driving me a bit mad. The idea of the moon and sun as a giant clock came from the idea that as time governs day to day life, time itself is dependent on the movement of the earth around the sun, which in itself governs the length of our days and how much time we have...
so yes, a lot of confusing thoughts. Basically.



I plan on investing in a scanner SOON. Then I might get around to putting more work up.

A painting of cats.

Recently I did a commission for a neighbour. She has eight cats, and wanted them all in the same composition - she likes quite realistic paintings (David Shepherd etc) and although that isn't really my thing... well yeah here is my attempt.What I have learnt: Oil painting is messy and takes FOREVER.


Body of Work

The original photograph...
...and after only a liiiiittle bit of editing..


Pages from the most recent sketchbook...

 My sketchbook is also a notebook which holds everything from shopping 
lists to almost daily 'TO DO!' lists. Most drawings of people are done whilst sat
 aimlessly in a coffee shop :)) writing said 'to do' lists instead of doing them.

It's a Bon!^^^